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Welcome to Nottinghamshire County Council's admissions online website.

This service can only be used for applications for September 2016:

  • for secondary school places,transferring to a 14-19 studio school or UTC you can apply online from 10 August 2015 until 31 October 2015

  • for primary, infant and junior school places you can apply online from  2 November 2015 until 15 January 2016

Please note: we are aware that emails to applicants may be duplicated during the admission process.  If you receive registration or submission notification emails twice during the admission process your application will not be affected. 

Remember, if you amend your application you must resubmit.

If you do not live in Nottinghamshire, you must contact your home local authority for details how to apply for a place in September 2016. 



If you are applying for an in-year school place following your recent move to Nottinghamshire, or you wish to transfer schools please contact 0300 500 8080 for advice about applying for a school place.

It is not possible to apply online for in-year school places.




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